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Hygiene measures at the time of COVID-19 for customers and sex workers

General hygiene measures:

Hygiene measures to be taken on the square for the customers.



 Stay at home with complaints and prevent infection of the girls

 Keep a safe distance of 1.5 meters in the square, also at the              front door of the buildings.

 Do not shake hands.

 Apply hand hygiene correctly and at times.

 Cough and sneeze inside the elbow.

 Use paper tissues. Discard it immediately.

 Avoid touching your own face: do not touch your mouth,
    nose and / or eyes.

 Always follow the instructions of our Security Team.

 Stick to the walking routes and our door policy in the square.

 Always follow our girl's directions regarding the
    hygiene measures.


For questions about the coronavirus:

check the website of the National Government or call the information number: 0800-1351

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